There’s Nowhere Else Like Miami Beach To Stay Active, Healthy and Inspired With Exciting Experiences All Year Long

There’s Nowhere Else Like Miami Beach To Stay Active, Healthy and Inspired With Exciting Experiences All Year Long

十大赌博靠谱网络平台,佛罗里达州- 2019年2月11日 Miami Beach is a paradise for travelers who want to immerse themselves in energetic, 活动和户外体验.  气候宜人,令人羡慕, the city is a playground that offers a multitude of outdoor activities on almost every traveler’s wish list. Enjoy the tropical climate of the island city by spending time outdoors, 观光, 在泳池边或沙滩上游泳, 做瑜伽, 骑自行车和准备好时, relaxing with refreshing poolside bites and cocktails. According to Forbes magazine, “The upcoming trend in travel is personalization. Everyone has different interests: some people are into camping, others are into staying at boutique hotels or getting pampered in spas, 而其他人可能更喜欢大型的海滩度假胜地…….all travelers should be able to build their trips around their personal tastes and enjoy experiences that fit their personalities.”[1]

Known for being one of the most walkable cities in the U.S., Miami Beach also offers a great mix of pedestrian streets, 出租自行车, 公共电车, and buses to whisk visitors to their next destination within the city effortlessly.  “We want visitors to know that traveling doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your active lifestyle”, 史蒂夫说Adkins, 椅子, the 全球最大网赌正规平台 (全球最大网赌正规平台). 十大赌博靠谱网络平台到处都是独一无二的海滩, vigorous experiences for those looking for an away adventure. The best way to familiarize oneself with a new city is by exploring on foot. We’re encouraging visitors to do just that or rent a public Citibike, 或者跳上我们的免费手推车, 这样他们就能去我们的海滩了, 公园, spas and walking/biking paths among dozens of health-conscious experiences our city has to offer.”  

Whether traveling for business or visiting with family or friends, the 全球最大网赌正规平台 says this list of curated experiences should be top-of-mind for travelers craving healthy, 有益健康的, 在城市里活跃的乐趣. Real time recommendations and a local’s look at Miami Beach is also available through Instagram, Facebook和Twitter @experience emiamibeach



  • Miami Beach’s oldest yoga studio, Synergy Yoga hosts free yoga sessions “瑜伽啦Española” 每周六上午九时三十分. Yogis can also watch the sunrise on the beach at 3rd 街沙滩瑜伽.
  • 放松在 1酒店的沙箱 with farm fresh and locally sourced snacks; don’t forget to order a  refreshing Frosé.


  • Runners can take the scenic route on the beach. Get off sand but still enjoy the view when you walk on the 十大赌博靠谱网络平台木板路或威尼斯堤道.
  • Get to know the city on 出租自行车 or see the city like a local on the 免费公共电车
  • 加入户外健身房的健身爱好者,  肌肉海滩南海滩 for free  exercise, weight lifting and gymnastics, all while enjoying the Miami Beach weather.

For 更多的 information on the best ways to experience Miami Beach in 2019, 下载十大赌博靠谱网络平台的应用程序


2018年获得第一名, 2017年和2016年的Travvy奖, presented by travAlliancemedia in the categories of “Best LGBTQ Destination” and “Best Wedding Destination, U.S. & 加拿大,” recently named 2017 and 2016 World’s Leading City Tourist Board in and North America’s Leading Tourist Board by the World Travel Awards, 2014年的冠军, 2015 and 2016 Magellan Awards by Travel Weekly in the categories of “Destinations | Mobile App”, “整体水疗目的地| U.S and 加拿大” and  “Overall Beaches Destinations| U.S and 加拿大” respectively, Miami Beach is a favorite destination among travelers worldwide. Renowned for its unparalleled culinary offerings, 奢华的夜生活, 丰富的文化, 豪华购物中心和豪华酒店, 十大赌博靠谱网络平台有许多独特的博物馆, 新世界交响乐团, 迈阿密城市芭蕾舞团, 十大赌博靠谱网络平台会议中心, 国际节日和艺术展览, 游艇和车展, over 187 boutique and resort hotels and 12 public 公园; it is no wonder the beautifully diverse city is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. 拥有7英里令人惊叹的海滩, Miami Beach is easily accessible from the Port of Miami and Miami International Airport. The City of Miami Beach has been named one of the top cities worldwide for 'walkability' and is equally easy to navigate by bike or boat. 它以全年晴朗的天空而闻名, the vibrant destination has been ranked by TripAdvisor as a Top Winter Sun Vacation Rental Getaway Destinations, 浪漫的旅游目的地, Top 25 Beaches in the World and Top 25 Destinations in the U.S. Miami Beach is like no other place in the world! Experience Miami Beach on Twitter @experiencemiamibeach and Instagram @experiencemiamibeach.

关于十大赌博靠谱网络平台游客 & 公约权威

全球最大网赌正规平台是由七名成员组成的权威机构, appointed by the City of Miami Beach Commission, 以鼓励为目标, developing and promoting the image of Miami Beach locally, nationally and internationally as a vibrant community and superb tourist destination. 为此, the 全球最大网赌正规平台 strategically focuses its funding investments in a balanced manner, 培养优秀的现有项目, 刺激新的活动, 并鼓励合作伙伴. 全球最大网赌正规平台致力于谨慎, long-term plan for allocation of resources to build the uniqueness of Miami Beach as ones of the world's greatest communities and tourism destinations.

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